Max Protect Ultimate Nano Coat v1 UNC V1 is a permanent Nano-Glass coating and will bond to most surface of the vehicle. Paintwork, plastic trim,rubber, metal,vinyl, Perspex glass, wheels, exhausts, chrome, etc, can all be protected with a simple application of Ultimate Nano Coat v1.


Ultimate Nano Coat v2 is our most durable Nno Glass Coating with outstanding resistance to chemical attacks-salt, acid rain, heavy detergent like TFR, heel cleaner, bird poo, tree sap, etc.. will not harm the protected surface.

All surface protected with Ultimate Nano COAT V2 are totally sealed and dirty, oil and water repellent.

Silk Coat

Silk Coat is a quick detailer and hydrophobic top-up all in one. It is also our last recommended phase for bith Ultimate Nano Coat v1 and Ultimate Nano Coat v2 Application.

Silk Coat adds incredible smooth feel to the surface, improves hydrophobic properties and adds a extra depth and shine to the finish. Silk Coat is the only product you will ever need to maintain the UNC coatings. Very effective as a standalone Quick Detailer product, but on top of our UNC v1, UNC v2 and UNC R it does magic.

Impossible to mess things up as it won't haze, steam or leave streaks even on pitch black paintwork! Silk Coat can be used on any surface, including glass, plastic, metal and others.

Silk Coat can fix haze issue in a few seconds, the haze will not come back and the finish will be boosted to super hydrophobic properties.


UNC -R is the world first Nano Coating that turns into a Rubber Membrane when cured in room temperature. The flexible nature enables the finish to be ultra-resistant to wash swirl mark build up and does not suffer from water staining like some ceramic coatings do.

UNC-R 1.5

UNC-R 1.5 is a long awaited slower version of our incredible UNC-R Nano rubber coating. It is a permanent nano rubber coating designed specifically for hotter climates. Can be applied in temperature of up to +40c. This flexible nature enables the finish to be ultra-resistant to wash swirl mark build up and does not suffer from hard water spotting like some Nano Glass Coating do.

Incredibly glossy, super smooth and easy to clean surface is what UNC-R 1.5 is all about! Same as our Nano Glass Coatings, UNC-R is a permanent coating and can only be removed with sand paper once fully cured. It has extremely high chemical resistance (Salt, Acid, Brake Dust, Exhaust Gasses, Tree-Sap) and high UV filtering properties.


UNC v3 is from the same series as UNC v1, UNC v2 and UNC R, but is slightly modified to perform best on bare metal. Perfect for exhaust tips, bate metal wheels, chrome, nickel, brass, copper or any other bare metal trim.

UNC v3 is permanent and can be removed only with heavy abrasion. This product will stop bare steel from rusting, aluminium from oxidizing, and will make these surfaces incredibly easy to clean. Available only from Max Protect and authorized distributors.


Ultimate leather coat is a permanent, semi-shiny finish coating for leather seats and other leather surfaces. Restore look and feel of old leather if applied on new leather. This product will increase the lifespan of protected surfaces and make them very easy to clean.

Protect surfaces have a sating glow look and super smooth to the feel. Dye transfer from jeans, coffee, coke, etc. It is very easy to clean off from a surface protected with ultimate leather coat.


Extreme durability - proven to last for up to 30000 miles on car windscreen, or up to 3 years of driving.

Extreme durability and functionality in all weather conditions. Max Protect ultimate Glass Coat Pro dramatically improves visibility and improves safety when driving in poor weather conditions, especially at night time. When driving above 50MPH, you hardly ever need to use wiper blades-raindrops form into nice little water beads and the airflow pushed them off the glass.

Furthermore ice, dirty and insects do not stick to the glass and cleaning the windows is very easy. This product can be applied on any type of organic glass - car windows, house windows, glassware, etc.. Protected surface stay cleaner for much longer and are very easy to clean.


This ceramic coating kit is perfect for painted wheels, painted brake callipers and paint. Adds incredible gloss to the finish and creates a super easy to clean hydrophobic surface with unrivalled chemical protection.

Heat resistant, therefore perfect for alloy wheel and brake calliper protection. This kit is perfect for a DIY enthusiast with some experience in nano coating application.


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